《Rock of Ages》

Joey Fatone 倾情演出《Rock of Ages》

电视主持人兼艺人 Joey Fatone 加入了欢乐无比、风靡全球的音乐剧 《Rock of Ages》 演出阵容,在一小部分片段中饰演极具传奇色彩的 Bourbon Room 俱乐部的业主 Dennis Dupree 一角,于 2 月 20 日开场。

风靡世界的男子乐队 N Sync (超级男孩)的著名成员 Fatone 和其他著名演艺人员将把您带回留着爆炸头、流行即兴爵士的 80 年代。该表演包括 28 首震撼人心的摇滚乐曲。这是一场真正激情四射、激动人心的音乐盛会,必定令您享受到一整晚摇滚体验,意犹未尽。 

立即订购这场摇滚音乐盛会的演出门票。门票可通过任意 Venetian/Palazzo 售票处订票或致电 702.414.9000 / 866.641.7469 订购。  10 人及以上 团体 请致电: 866.633.0195 或 866.641.7469
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《Rock of Ages》影院

2015 年 1 月 3 日至 12 月 20 日晚上 8:00

《Rock of Ages》(Joey Fatone 倾情演出)
2015 年 2 月 20 日至 3 月 19 日晚上 8:00
2015 年 3 月 22 日至 4 月 1 日晚上 8:00
2015 年 4 月 14 日至 4 月 29 日晚上 8:00

Bourbon Room 俱乐部业主 Dennis Dupree, 2 月 20 日 开场




购票者必须前往预售零售处取票,届时需要出示有效的政府签发带照片身份证件、订票确认编号以及付款时使用的信用卡原件。 所有门票一经售出不可退款或转让。

《Rock of Ages》
《Rock of Ages》
《Rock of Ages》
拉斯维加斯排名第42的剧院和演唱会 (共229个)
969 游客评价
非常好   619
很好   211
一般   67
很糟   37
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"Fun show, woth every dollar. " Reviewed yesteday Would recommend this show to everyone. Its an upbeat show that is suited for all ages. We bought tickets from Tickets 4 Tonight and paid $62 american, which was worth the 2 hr's of entertainment we sa...
"So much fun!" 2015-03-28T16:01:35-0400 Comedy, drama, a good story and some great music. The 80s were alive and well in this show and it was a ton of fun. We were able to score tickets about 5 rows back from the stage, nearly dead center...
"Rock of Ages Las Vegas - Amazing" 2015-03-28T09:52:31-0400 Not only does the show have great music, but it is hilariously funny as well. Joey Fatone was amazing. Every actor in the show have amazing voices! The band rocks as well! Loved it! It is a must see...
"Rock on with the music" 2015-03-28T00:07:05-0400 Lots of 80's tunes. Cute story. Theater was nice. There is adult language. I would not take the kids.
"FUN FUN FUN" 2015-03-27T12:50:18-0400 Had a blast. If you love 80's music and comedy this is so worth seeing. I bought tickets last minute and thought we would be far away but i was wrong. Glad i got the section i did because we could s...


《Rock of Ages》以欢乐为主题,但您应该了解某些服装、舞蹈及台词可能不适宜 14 岁以下儿童观看(14 岁以下儿童必须在成人陪同下观看)。 记住,如果您携带孩子一同观看,他们将领略到您年轻时代尽情摇滚的风姿。

14 岁以下儿童必须由一名成人陪同。
5 岁以下儿童不予进场